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The American Dream and God’s Purpose

Mar 09, 11
Tonya Nichols
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Reading a great book “Radical” by David Platt.  It is about how we as Americans have “manipulated the gospel to fit our cultural preferences”.  I pondered the following from the book . . .  

Do you believe the purpose of your life is deeper than having a nice job, raising a decent family, living a comfortable life, and attending church (as extra credit).  We are created for more than a Christian spin on the American Dream.  God blesses us for His glory.  Not so we will have a comfortable life with a big house and a nice car.  Not so we can spend lots of money on vacations, education, or clothing.  Those aren’t bad things, but He has blessed us so that all nations will know Him and see His glory. 

 God blesses His people with extravagant grace so they might extend His extravagant glory to all peoples on earth.

 How are we using the blessings and grace we have received to glorify God?  Do you think there can come a point where if we are not glorifying Him, the blessings and grace will not flow?