Organization Registration - Step 1 of 5

Meet the Need is dedicated to connecting and mobilizing cities to bring more help and hope to families in need. We do so by partnering with non-profit organizations like yours who are committed to that same mission, providing you with valuable tools and services to help you expand your charitable activities.

Once activated, you will have access to all of the features and functionality of Meet The Need including…

  • Posting and tracking your organization's needs for volunteers, goods, families, events, drives, etc.
  • Enabling visitors to search and sign up to meet your needs on your web site
  • Sharing those needs directly with local churches and their members, as well as local companies and their employees
  • Measuring the impact your organization is having in the community
  • Seeing what families have already been helped by other organizations, tracking your assistance to families, and scheduling families for future visits
  • Recruiting and managing volunteers
  • Tracking your in-kind donations
  • Communicating and running events
  • Plus much more!

To begin, please read the Statement of Intent and indicate your acceptance by checking the box below:

Statement of Intent

  1. You want to use Meet The Need to conduct your charitable activities more efficiently, help more families in need, and connect with partner organizations and individuals.
  2. You understand that the Meet The Need network includes many Christian churches and your organization is willing to work with churches as a source of volunteers and resources.

I have read and agree with this Statement of Intent…

Meet The Need is a membership organization, and prospective members are reviewed and approved based on alignment with the core values of our members.