Confidentiality Notice

The South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) believes the child and family well-being system is a continuum that includes the department, other public agencies, private non-profit agencies, schools, health care professionals, the faith community, and private citizens. While SCDSS values and relies upon partnership and collaboration with the community in carrying out the departmentís mission to serve, help, and strengthen children and families, to promote the development of a mutually respectful and trusting relationship, it is imperative to protect the privacy of the children and families we serve.

Therefore, in all aspects of service delivery, SCDSS maintains the confidentiality of case information and adheres to a practice of sharing information about children and families only as permitted by state and federal laws, only with individuals who need to know, and only to the extent necessary to further case plan goals. SCDSS does not share identifiable information about children and families with the general public under any circumstances. Further, to encourage families to seek assistance when needed and to best support children and families, the department expects all contracted partners and volunteers who serve children and families at the request of the SCDSS to adhere to the department\'s privacy standards.

Thank you for your willingness to partner with SCDSS in serving, helping, and strengthening South Carolina children and families.

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