• Find Opportunities to Get Involved in Serving Others in Many Different Ways – Search our database for items needed by local families, volunteers needed by local charities, or even chances to apply your skills to help people in other parts of the US or overseas
  • Keep Track of Your Volunteer and Commitment Activities – See who you’ve promised to help, details about what you should do next, and other information about that need on your personal account
  • Maintain Complete Control and Flexibility in Your Charitable Activities – Everything is in your hands; you decide who you want to help, what you’d like to do to help them, and when you want to get together with them
  • Keep in Touch with Those You’ve Helped in the Past – Your Meet The Need account shows you everyone you’ve ever donated your time or belongings to through Meet The Need so you can connect with them again if you’d like
  • Get Your Church or a Local Ministry Involved – Meet The Need is a shared, state-of-the-art outreach platform that enables individuals, churches and charities to truly work together to reach out to their community. Churches or charities use our system and services to help them make a bigger impact by reaching out to those in need much more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
  • See The Specific Needs of Your Church or Favorite Ministry – Add organizations to your list of “favorites” and view their volunteer and resource needs on your private “Dashboard”. You can also choose to get e-mails whenever your church or any charities you selected post new needs, or you can opt out of those e-mail notifications.
  • Join an Online Community of Individuals Who, Like You, Really Care about Reaching out to Those in Need – Jump into our online forums and talk to others who share your passion for making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate
  • Get Involved in Making A Difference in the Lives of Others Simply and Easily – We realize the importance of keeping the process simple, so we have designed our services and software to be very easy to understand and use, with clear instructions every step of the way
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