Discover Your G.I.F.T.S.

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Situation in Life

All of your past goals, interests, talents and experiences have led you to where you are now. No matter who, what and where you are today, you are in a position to give back. God brought you to this place in life for a reason! No one is better equipped than you to use your current situation to help others given all of your experiences that brought you to where you are. You are in a better position to meet certain types of needs than those in others walks of life. Whatever you do for a living, whatever belongings you have, whoever you see in need, and wherever you live is a good place to start when considering how you can make a positive impact on others.

That’s why Meet the Need enables you to search and select the type of need you are in a unique position to meet… whether it’s for a family or organization, whether it’s a material item or a service you want to provide, or whether it’s in your community, state or even overseas that you want to help out.


For example, if you’re a Christian college student, working adult, stay at home mother or senior retiree, click HERE to read about creative ideas for bringing hope and help to those around you.

Key Questions:

  1. Why do you think God has you in the job, relationship, family and social situation you are in now?
  2. What types of needs do you see around you every day?
  3. What local or international needs are you, your family, company or your church in a great position to help meet?
  4. How are you using the blessings God has given you to bless others?