Local Outreach


The church has been actively involved in helping the "fatherless" by promoting both the adoption and fostering of children. In December of 2010 Pastor Hoffman was asked to be the Executive Director of the Covenant Children's Home in Dunnellon were he served as such until 2013.;


The church also has a real heart for the homeless. We actively support the homeless through local shelters both materially as well as holding Bible Studies regularly.

Widows and Widowers

The men of the church will often go to the home of a widow and spend a Saturday morning helping them with projects that they are unable to do. We also have regular Bible Studies in both The Life Care Center of Lecanto.

Ways to Serve

There are many ways to reach out and help others. Search for needs of your time and goods by following the directions below. In the Search Needs box simply:

1.Choose whether you want to donate some type of item (Goods) or your time (Services).
2.Scan through the categories and subcategories for the exact type of need you want to meet.
3.Hit Submit and click on any needs that interest you.
(Thank you for your interest in helping others.)