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Why should you tell your Ministry/Agency partners about Meet The Need?

  • Empower those ministries/agencies to post their own needs so you can automatically display them on your web site.
  • Mobilize more people to serve by letting them "shop" for needs of your non-profit partners on your web site and by connecting them directly with those ministries/agencies.

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Resources to Share

Flyer for Non-Profits

Flyer to give to your non-profit contacts to encourage them to join the Meet the Need network.
Download 3.3 MB (JPG)

Referral Letter to Non-Profit Partners

Referral letter from churches to non-profit partners.
Download 830 KB (DOCX)

Non-Profit Discussion Document

Discussion document for ministries.
Download 720 KB (PDF)

Non-Profit FAQs

Answers to questions frequently asked by non-profits.
Download 500 KB (PDF)

Non-Profit Brochure

Brochure to give to non-profit partners.
Download 1 MB (PDF)

Non-Profit Steps & Tips

Quick start guide for ministries with selected tips.
Download 400 KB (PDF)

Non-Profit Testimonials

Selected testimonials for sharing.
Download 400 KB (PDF)
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