Uses & Benefits Overview

With Meet The Need you can:

  • Do More to Serve Your Community with Very Little Additional Staff Time and Effort
  • See the Impact You’re Having in the Community on Your Private “Dashboard”
  • Recruit Volunteers for Your Organization’s Internal and Outreach Needs
  • Get the Resources Your Organization Needs from Local Individuals, Companies or other Churches and Ministries
  • Grow Your Church or Ministry
  • Stay in Touch Easily with Those You’ve Helping in the Past or Those Who’ve Contributed Time or Resources to Your Organization
  • Seamlessly Partner with other Local Christian Organizations, Thereby Uniting the Body of Christ
  • Run Bigger Outreach Events Using a Highly-Efficient System for Obtaining and Coordinating Volunteers and Resources
  • ...and Much More!

To find out more about the specific uses and benefits of Meet the Need for a church or ministry, click on the appropriate link below: