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Why should you tell your Church partners about Meet The Need?

  • Instantly broadcast your volunteer and in-kind needs to local churches. No more relying on emails, phone calls and newsletters to get the help you need!
  • The more churches that use Meet The Need, the more people who will be seeing the needs of your non-profit and getting involved in supporting you.

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Resources to Share

Flyer for Churches

Flyer to give to your church contacts to encourage them to join the Meet the Need network.
Download 3.3 MB (PDF)

Church Discussion Document

Discussion document for churches.
Download 280 KB (PDF)

Referral Letter to Church Partners

Referral letter from ministries to church partners.
Download 830 KB (DOCX)

Church Brochure

Brochure to give to church partners.
Download 1 MB (PDF)

Church FAQs

Answers to questions frequently asked by churches.
Download 500 KB (PDF)

Church Steps & Tips

Quick start guide for churches with selected tips.
Download 400 KB (PDF)

Church Testimonials

Selected testimonials for sharing.
Download 400 KB (PDF)
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